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The Skip-N-Jig jig comes in 2 sizes, a 1⁄4 oz for all around use and use with a spinning rod and a 3⁄8 oz for those of you who use a baitcaster. We use a super strong Gamakatsu hook, so you will never have to worry about those big bites getting off. The head is powder painted and is 100% chip resistant!! You can run this jig into posts and other objects all day and never worry about the paint. The oversized plastics holder keeps your trailer in place. This head is made to come through and over brush like all of our jigs, yet it skips like a dream. Remember, there have been other jig companies that tried to introduce jigs to compete with the All-Terrain Tackle Skip-N-Jig, but this is the original!


Features & Benefits

  • Designed with a flat jig head for skipping to reach docks and other overhanging cover
  • Designed to come over and through brush but also able to skip
  • Features a thinner weed guard for great hook ups
  • Powder coated paint job on jig head so the paint will not chip
  • Features a super strong Laser Point  Hook
  • Oversized plastics holder to keep your trailer in place
  • Includes Trail-R-Loc system so you don’t have to adjust or replace worn plastics
  • Available in six different colors
  • Comes in ¼ oz. and ⅜ oz.
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Product Video

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